Turn your Ikea Rast into a Modern Dresser

Recently we had someone ask us if we made dressers, and while we definitely don’t make any from scratch we do love a good Ikea hack! We were looking for a carved wood look that is so popular right now, but not the West Elm dresser prices of $1000+. We really loved this hack that Hunker did for a Tarva, but while back-to-school has been happening, Ikea has been sold out of most of their dressers.

DIY Bracket for Lights or Shelves

When I was redoing my work-from-home area, I really wanted to add this Ikea hanging light to the space, since that corner of my room is pretty dark. I found a really cool DIY which used a shelf bracket to hang it, but when I went to buy it from Ikea it was sold out! So I made my own for only $2- here’s how!

The Plant Post

Did we tell you? We love plants. Clearly. We have around 20 and we absolutely love them all. The best part is that they’re all super easy to take care of! The plants I’ve included are here because they’re some of the most easy-going plants I’ve had.

How to Make Your Own Desk or Table for Under $100

Here is how I made my desk for under $100 total. I originally made this table top for our dining table, but ended up deciding that it was a little too small if we wanted to be able to sometimes fit 6 people. I stuck it in my room as a desk thinking it would be temporary, and I now love it since it’s so big for working from home but not too big to work as a desk!

Quick and Easy Outdoor Herb Stand

Ali and I LOVE plants and have filled our apartment with them since moving in. We wanted to try our hand at growing some herbs, but have almost no space left indoors. So, we decided to make a cute little herb stand that fits on our tiny balcony.

$15 Rustic Blanket Ladder

Maddie and I have WAY too many blankets, so when planning our apartment, we looked at a couple different solutions. Baskets could end up getting disorganized, and putting them in a drawer or cabinet takes up valuable storage space. We didn’t want to spend $100 on a blanket ladder but really liked how they look, so we decided to make our own!

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