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Did we tell you? We love plants. Clearly. We have around 20 and we absolutely love them all. The best part is that they’re all super easy to take care of! The plants I’ve included are here because they’re some of the most easy-going plants I’ve had. They have survived three moves, college apartments, and a caretaker who has no idea what she’s doing. I am obviously not in any way a professional, just a girl who was super bored taking online college classes and wanted something to take care of. I decided to write a list of some of our plants along with how much water, sun, and love they need to thrive. Spoiler alert, they need lots of love.

Also! We took all of these pictures in the same corner of our house on the same small table (gotta get that good lighting). That table is actually a set of three ~nesting~ side tables from Amazon. We use two as plant stands and one as a side table, and they are excellent.

Plant it and remember it once a month-ish

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

pot from Bowood Farms in STL

Oh the snake plant. If you’ve ever thought about bringing houseplants into your life, you’ve definitely heard of this one. These are some of the easiest plants to take care of, truly. They need water about once a month or when the soil is completely dry. As with any plant, you want to be careful with overwatering. I’m 90% sure these ladies are immortal, they cannot be killed. They can live in lots of light, they can live in low light. We have three scattered around our house because they’re pretty (duh) and literally so easy. Honestly just go get one right now.

Cactus (I dont know what kind, but it’s a cutie)

pot and plant from Garden Heights Nursery in STL

Cacti! Another easy plant. Again, water only when the soil is completely dry. Don’t overwater! I have killed many succulents by overwatering (RIP). These little guys live in deserts, so they need very little water and lots of sunlight. I keep mine on a south-facing windowsill so he is able to bask all day. This one, while adorable, is very mean. If you touch him, tons of teeny tiny yellow barbs get stuck in your skin and honestly really hurt. But! As long as you keep your distance, he’s a very easy houseguest.

ZZ plant

pot from IKEA

A classic. Tried and true, the ZZ plant is a staple in any plant lover’s home. I water my ZZ’s maybe about every 2 weeks (but I often forget a water and look at how big she is!) In general, water when the soil is dry, and keep out of direct sunlight. I keep mine across from my big wall of south-facing windows, tucked a bit behind our TV. She gets light, but not too much, and she is thriving.

Raven ZZ plant

pot from Home Depot

Oooo!! An extra special ZZ variety! If you know me, you know black is my favorite color, so I could not not take this ZZ home. She has all the same requirements as the classic ZZ, except she loves light. I keep her on the windowsill next to my cactus. The more light she gets, the darker her leaves!

Weekly (or 10 day) water

Neon Pothos

pot painted by me

I loooove my neon pothos. The color is gorgeous and brightens up its little corner. I water all my pothos plants (more to come) whenever they start to droop or their soil is dry. It ends up being about every 10 days, depending. They can handle most light levels but bright, direct light. I keep my neon pothos in a corner across from my wall of windows. It is partially blocked by our couch, so it gets the right amount of light to be happy and healthy. One of the best parts of pothos plants is that they vine! When well-loved, the plants will start to trail, growing beautiful, long vines.

Jade Pothos

pot from Amazon, plant from Pigment

Pretty much the same situation as the pothos above, but this time a much richer green. I keep her in a hanging pot across from our windows. She’s happy, and cute!

Pearls and Jade Pothos

pot painted by me, plant from Pigment

Another gorgeous pothos variety. This one is variegated, which means it has a few different colors in its leaves. I keep it near the window to help keep its variegation. Its small, but its vining nicely!

Heart leaf philodendron

pot from Target

The heart leaf philodendron. She’s doing well set up next to our TV, soaking up the filtered light. The philodendron is also a vining plant, and it’s hard to see in this picture, but she has the small beginnings of a vine at the back of the pot. Again, an easy plant to take care of. I water her a little less frequently than the pothos. I tend to feel the soil and water when completely dry. Like the pothos, almost any light but direct is okay. Bonus, the leaves look like little hearts!

Monstera (or swiss cheese plant)

pot from IKEA

Arguably my favorite plant (but don’t tell my other plants). Monstera are tropical plants, so they like lots of light and lots of water. I water about once a week, making sure not to drown the roots. I keep it next to the windows in the corner, so it gets bright, filtered, indirect light. And it’s thriving! We’ve had so many new leaves in just the month that its lived with us. Keep your eyes peeled for a future post where we build the monstera a new stand all out of IKEA products.

Thirsty girls

Crispy fern

pot and plant from Bowood Farms in STL

One of the most fun plants in our jungle, the crispy fern! It loves water, I water it every few days or so. The soil likes to be wet. It also likes bright but indirect light. I keep mine on our coffee table, a bit closer to the wall of windows. We get plenty of light in our apartment, so even eight feet away from the window the fern is bathed in sunlight. It has grown considerably since I brought it home a few months ago, and all I’ve done is give it some water. I also love love the pot its in, the spikes play so well against its wavy leaves.

Majesty Palm

pot from IKEA

The majesty palm is a bit of a tricky one at first, I must admit. It likes water, so I keep the water moist but not soaked. When I first brought it home, I definitely under watered and lost a whole lot of leaves. It also loves light, as much light as possible, and I kept it in the corner away from the windows. Not a great choice. But when we moved into our new apartment, I placed it right by the windows and am giving it plenty of water, and its starting to grow again! It has a new leaf and one on the way, and I’m very proud. I have a feeling it will continue to grow, and eventually truly turn our living room into a jungle.

Petra Croton

pot and plant from Garden Heights Nursery in STL

This petra croton brings some much needed color to our living room. It loves light, so we keep it right by the windows on an end table. Again, I let the soil dry between waterings, but not quite as thoroughly as the cacti or snake plants. It’s actually really easy to tell when this guy needs to be watered because its leaves droop pretty dramatically. When that happens, I give it some water and it perks right up.

Mammy Croton

pot and plant from Garden Heights Nursery in STL

I love the leaves of this croton! They are long, curly, and dark, which is a great contrast to the other bright green leaves in our home. It has the same care as the above croton, and we keep it right on the windowsill.

That’s it! That’s most of our plants! We love them all and if you take one thing away from this post, it’s that no home is complete without a couple of green ladies.

If you live in the St. Louis area, check out Bowood Farms and Garden Heights Nursery! Both have a lovely variety of plants and pots. Bowood is also attached to a café, so you can get your coffee and plant fix all in the same place. Garden Heights has indoor plants, outdoor plants, shrubs, trees, everything. Ali and I love them both!

~ maddie

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