DIY Bracket for Lights or Shelves

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When I was redoing my work-from-home area, I really wanted to add this Ikea hanging light to the space, since that corner of my room is pretty dark. I found a really cool DIY which used a shelf bracket to hang it, but when I went to buy it from Ikea it was sold out! So I made my own for only $2- here’s how!


Step 1

The first thing you want to do is cut your wood! We made the sides 1 foot each with no angled cuts, and we just used our jigsaw to make the 2 quick cuts. Then we laid the piece of wood for the angled brace on top of the L shape of the 2 other pieces and marked where we wanted to cut. It would be easiest to use a miter saw for this, but we didn’t have one so we just used the jigsaw for this as well!.

Step 2

Next, we glued the 3 pieces together and clamped. While we waited, we filled in the gaps with wood filler, since the jigsaw cuts weren’t perfect.

Step 3

Sand off that excess wood filler and lightly sand the whole bracket, especially the ends. Then stain- we picked Early American because we wanted something lighter to brighten up the darker desk area. Then we added 1 coat of poly to protect it – we didn’t think more than 1 coat was needed since it isn’t undergoing the same wear and tear that a table would.

Step 4

Hang it! We used a sawtooth hanger at the top, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend hanging it this way because while it won’t fall, it swings around a bit. I would suggest using 2 smaller triangle hooks in the back.

Step 5

Attach the light! I just took the end of the cord and looped it around the brace and once around the top to secure it to the bracket. It’s been hanging on there for 2 months now and hasn’t budged, so it doesn’t need more than that to hang it.

And that’s it! Super cute and easy DIY bracket for my light. You can also use it with shelves with one on each end of the top. It looks great with my desk that we made as well – check it out here!


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